Italy – Orvieto’s glorious cathedral

 I was remembering coming up a narrow street in  the small, mediaeval hilltop town of Orvieto in Umbria: I lifted my eyes and saw the most confoundingly beautiful structure – a striped cathedal, with intricate, delicate relief carvings on the capitals with sumptuous cornerstones. It may not be the biggest and the best in the world – but this striped beauty captured my imagination.


The 14th century cathedral was built between 1290 and 1500 and today, she shines as brightly as ever. Built under papacy direction, the building is famous for its mosaic inlay facade.
She’s such a beauty and I envy the faithful who go to the services during Christmas.

Lovely Orvieto,  Umbria – research the town for more information on Mr Google.
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Writer Bev Malzard took a pasta making class in this town, purchased two books and was rather reluctant to leave.

3 responses to “Italy – Orvieto’s glorious cathedral”

  1. Magic Bev; love your use of larger than life pics!


    1. Thanks Rob


  2. Such brevity. Wish I could harness such self-control.


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